Another travel website?? What is the point? How is this one different from the rest of them?


VBandhu, the word 'Bandhu' meaning friendship and connection in Sanskrit and the 'V' meaning 'Vanara' in Sanskrit, a name given to an intelligent monkey species that knows its way around its entire environment, and 'We' in English to signify connection, as a travel consultancy service, was started with the aim of helping customers like you to plan tours that you would remember for life. With a focus on your satisfaction, we will attempt to ask you the relevant questions that will convey any expectations, desires, and requirements that you will have during and after the trip, and finally match the desires and requirements by creating a highly personalized tour plan for you. While creating the plan, each component is going to be planned accordingly, whether that means by utilizing the local contacts we have in the destination country, or by utilizing specialized local information that might not be available on the internet. In this way, the chances of using the most up-to-date information are high. 

During the trip, if you require assistance, we will provide it and also keep you updated with any news that might personally affect your trip, also focusing on sharing some Do’s and Dont’s during the trip. All the while, a large emphasis is going to be placed on achieving the best value experience in the provided budget and doing things in such a way so that you can save time during the trip and do more in the time you have. As a final service, we will try to search for unique activities/events that are special to the country and that you won’t be able to carry out in other countries. 

Travel is generally classified as a luxury activity with the perception being that it is available only to a few people. VBandhu, with its focus on developing a highly customized travel experience, aims to involve more than just the few lucky ones and help those people who have specific travel goals but for some reason or the other are not able to meet them, simply because we believe that even luxury is affordable. So to answer the questions above in a few short words, our focus on cost and time effectiveness and effective, up-to-date planning are going to differentiate us from the thousands of travel websites and travel services out there.




The ideas that one’s travel should be filled with unique experiences but remain under a budget stem from our personal desires. As individuals with great responsibility, we have travelled across far-flung countries all over the world, with the mindset about taking part in any new experience that comes our way and makes the trip memorable and allow us to delve into the life of the host country, whether that was achieved by learning the host country’s language, eating and cooking the host country’s food, or simply exchanging ideas with the host country’s people so that our minds would expand. We value each city for its unique features and each country for its unique set of people and their way of life. At the end of the day, we value experiences that are different from the conventional experiences one has. By constantly doing this, we have formed bonds with the countries that we have been able to visit and are very much likely to visit them again in the future. We were passionate about these ideas and were of the opinion that the service should be extended to others. Thus, we hope to be able to help you out. Thank You!