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Export & Import Services

By taking advantage of the integration of our firm in all of the value chain needed in order to carry out import and export operations, is that we can offer import products we detect as an opportunity for different markets and, in the same way, export national products we understand have an added value for the world.

At Kairaasi Exports we understand export and offer a fast and comprehensive service, including:

– The Export Service
– Certificates of Origin
– Export documentation legalization service
– Facilities for fast, secure packing ,dispatch & real time tracking
– On-site weigh, packaging, inspection & Pickup
– Order consolidation service
– Dispatch by Courier, Air, Sea, Road or Rail
– Export packing and documentation available for customer collections

Special requests: We are always happy to accommodate specific requests and needs, so if you need special labelling, marking or packaging just let us know and we will be able to help.For more details contact us @  exports@kairaasi.com

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